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I have found that it is fairly easy to find solutions to health problems that are untreatable with standard medicine. There are several reasons for this but the greatest is that alopathic medicine adheres to a paradigm that is not very effective. Much could be written but suffice it to say that a lot of treatments simply don't work. Focusing more on health promoting lifestyles and nutrition can be far more effective than drugs that only mask symptoms. 

Below are several "trials". Basically you try the suggested supplementation and report back on the results. I colate the results and publish them on this site. The more information you give about your starting condition, doses, etc. the more information we all have about the efficacy of the supplements. Standard medicine takes years and millions of dollars to find the same answers. Everything examined here is in common use and considered safe. That does not mean that they are completely benign. Due to your own psysiology you may encounter difficulties. Try the supplements as you would anything else in your life. If you deem it worthwhile then by all means give them a try. Please report your results no matter what the outcome. If it doesn't have any effect then report that. That's just as important as a positive or negative result.

Like the rest of this site the material here is for information purposes only. It is not meant to treat or provide medical advice or treatment. As in all matters I encourage you to use your own discretion. Any quesstions you may have about the safety of any supplement listed here needs to be addressed with your doctor who is familiar with your particular situation.
  1. Charcot Marie Tooth disease
    This supplement investigation is to determine if a fat soluble form of vitamin C will successfully treat this disorder. I have one example where ascorbyl palmitate completely treated a mild form of CMT at its beginning stages and kept the patient pain free without any degeneration occurring over a 7 year period.
Ascorbyl Palmitate to Treat Charcot Marie Tooth diesase
Charcot Marie Tooth disease (CMT) is one of the most common inherited neurological disorders. In the United States it affects about 1 in 2,500 people. The disease is named after the physicians who first identified it. The disorder is part of a group of disorders that affect peripheral nerves. Peripheral nerves are all nerves that lie outside the brain and spinal chord and include those that are sensory as well as those enervating (motor nerves).

Both motor and sensory nerves are affected by CMT. Symptoms include weakness of feet and lower leg muscles. Drop foot and a high stepping gait occur, increasing the risk of tripping or falls. As a result of weak muscles in the feet deformities such as high arches and hammertoes also occur. The lower legs can take an "inverted champagne bottle" appearance due to muscle atrophy. Later progression causes atrophy in the hand muscles as well. Carrying out fine motor skills in the fingers, hands, wrists, feet, and toungue become difficult.

The onset of symptoms is gradual and the severity of symptoms varies greatly. Pain can range from mild to seere and some people need orthopedic devices to mantain mobility.

Above information paraphrased from:

There are several types of CMT. As I understand it most types are demyelinating disorders. This means the protective coating on nerves that act as an insulatior is not there in adequate amounts. A similar process occurs in diabetic neuropathy except in diabetics the myelin is destroyed and in CMT it is not produced well.

In 2004 the study Ascorbic Acid treatment corrects the phenotype of a mouse model of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease was published showing that vitamin C successfully treated a mouse model of CMT. However, people who took large amounts of vitamin C discovered that it did not produce the same results in humans. 

In 2009, my then girl friend was diagnosed with a mild form of CMT. She had significant pain in her hands that was aggravated by cold weather. I read an article that explained the disorder and reported on the vitamin C study. The author postulated that vitamin C did not work in humans because it is water soluble and a fat soluble substance was needed to enter the predominately fatty Schwann cell to work.

My immediate thought was, "So take a fat soluble vitamin C." Ascorbyl palmitate, a fat soluble viamin C had been on the market for some time. Ascorbyl palmitate did indeed successfully treat her pain. As long as she takes it she is completely pain free. More amazing is that it doesn't require large doses. The dose she takes is modest, generally around 500 mg/day. She has been taking ascorbyl palmitate for seven years without any pain or deterioration from the CMT. If she suspends treatment the pain returns.

The best time to start taking ascorbyl palmitate is when the disease first appears before any damage has occurred. For those with significant damage ascorbyl palmitate may not offer much relief. While it may stop additional damage from occurring you may still be left with pain. I do think that eventual recovery is possible but it may take additional measures and some time to heal. As long as people report back to me with their progress I am willing to help as much as I can. My purpose is to find a successful treatment for CMT and make that available for others to use as they wish.

Participants should take 1 capsule three times daily of Pure Encapsulations - Ascorbyl Palmitate- Hypoallergenic Fat-Soluble Vitamin C.

Please fill out the information below. It should be filled out every time a report is made. No ones name, contact information, or any other identifying information will ever be published. It will be used to keep track of participants and for me to ask additional questions if necessary.
CMT/Ascorbyl Palmitate Form
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